October 2023

It's almost time!

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The time has (almost) come! With Mary Anne and Lisa already in Kenya the anticipation is building, our team whatsapp group is alive with photos they are kindly sending our way, and I imagine most of us have our bags at least partially packed.

On Wednesday we'll drive to Seattle where we'll meet Nicole and board a plane headed for Istanbul and then finally a plane headed for Nairobi.

Those of us who are headed to Kenya for the first time are excited to meet the women we have heard many stories about and those of us who are returning are excited to see their smiling faces once again. We don't know everything that will come out of this trip but we are praying for God's blessing on this experience. We pray that we will be able to be a blessing and we know that we will learn and grow through this experience. Please join us in prayer over the next two weeks and feel free to follow along as we will try to post here daily!

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