November 2022

Let The Little Children Come to Me

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We have been so blessed with our accommodations here in Kenya but this morning we woke up to a truly Kenyan experience. With the overnight thunderstorms happening around us we woke up to no power and thus no running water. True to form our kitchen staff made sure we were supplied with warm water to wash and also enough so we could flush the toilets. 

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed out for the day. Our first stop of the day was a lovely stop for a coffee and our shopping trip to buy supplies for our ladies' day. Upon returning to the house we headed out for our first widow visit of the day. Tesina is a “120” year old, bedridden widow that we decided to visit a second time so we could read scripture with her, pray with her and sing songs to her.

After this visit, we broke into 2 groups, each group visiting three widows. Again the visits were very moving, as well as such a blessing to us. From hearing about a widow that was experiencing difficulties with her brother-in-law to another visit where a widow shared her everyday routines with us. Her days started with her getting up every morning at 3 AM so she could pray while the children were still asleep. What an example to us.

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