Mud will wash off - The memories will last forever!

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The thought of being able to play in the mud caused some of our dear team members to jump out of bed excited to get good and dirty! Today was the day we would work alongside our Kenyan friends and mud Brian’s simba. Brian is the young man who recently became a paraplegic due to a mining accident. Through the help of our faithful VOH supporters, we have provided Brian with many of the necessary items needed while he navigates his new normal. We were able to bring a wheelchair along from Canada, provide a Roho mattress bad to prevent bed sores, a laptop computer and other items to bless him.
Our afternoon was spent visiting 4 more of our widows. Tomorrow, we head to Siaya, about a 1 ½ hour drive, where we will continue with our work. Thanks for following along with us! We appreciate your support and prayers. We are all doing well as we slide into the second half of our trip!

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