January 2024

On our way to Malawi

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Today, a team of 11 Southern Irrigation employees is heading to Malawi. The team will support the agriculture project at the Chigumukire Child Care Centre, in Nsanje.
This team is going to focus on expanding the banana drip irrigation test plots to the entire banana field, updating and replacing water points, hydrants and irrigation pipes, as well as analyzing the irrigation test plots that were installed in 2023.
The team is also dedicating time to train local farmers and school teachers on irrigation. Beyond installations the team will engage in various community activities, including playing games with students, reading Bible stories, singing to the elderly, and visiting homes in the community.

During their time in Nsanje the team will post blogs on this page to update everyone back home about the projects, and all the experiences that the team will have while serving alongside the Timotheos Foundation.

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