February 2022

Praise and worship

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God asks all creation to praise Him and that we did this morning! 
Many beautiful excited smiles started arriving at 0830 on a cool and misty morning.

The women on the Voice of Hope program were welcomed, given their name tags and then they sat under tents that had been set up to protect us from the hot African sun.

Two pastors gave messages, followed by a refresher on agriculture and tending to crops for optimal harvest by Godfrey, who represents One Acre Fund. 

Sandwiches and tea were served for lunch which was really appreciated by young and old.
Later in the day, our team went out and visited 2 widows. They were both assessed as to their needs and how they are managing.
The rains held off and we were able to sit outside with our last home visit with beautiful Rose and her grandson while surrounded by the lush rainforest, banana groves, roosters and cattle.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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