November 2022

Precious in the Sight of the Lord

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Today we attended the second funeral of this team trip. Many of our women are elderly or medically fragile. 
Marita was an elderly, Godly woman who loved and served the Lord. She passed away at the age of 90+ years. Her life was difficult and full of struggles. Yet her testimony of God’s goodness to her is inspiring and amazing. ~Maryanne~

This afternoon we went to visit 5 of our dear widows. We would like to share our visit with Elizabeth. Last year when we visited her, she was very downcast and cooking up some weeds for her children for dinner. What a difference this year, it was such a joy to see the change in her. She sat proudly in her new humble home and shared how God has been with her and given her the courage to live her life. Elizabeth shared that her favorite verse is Isaiah 54:5. When we sang, she had a huge smile on her face and sang along with us in her limited English. God is good! ~Debbie~

Longitude/ Latitude - O-O-O bound 
The Equator
The countryside to the equator is spectacular but the roads with all the bumps and holes in them made for an interesting but fun trip.

To be able to live in an area that is lush and green with absolutely no noise of cars and traffic except for the sounds of only God's creatures - must really be something. 

We arrived at the equator - had a photo op, followed by a chorus of Birthday wishes to loved ones at home (from the equator). The sweeties (candies) are always a big hit as we travel around- helps them to see we aren’t scary mazungu’s (white people) after all.  

The heat is incredible here! Shade is our best friend.

We drove to a water project that was spearheaded by a Kenyan man who was told it would never work, (he chose not to listen to the experts). The digging of trenches for the pipes had to be dug into a rocky and cumbersome hillside- which took 3 weeks. It was all done by hand - took 6 people digging/ trenching, along with 2 skilled laborers who laid the pipes, connected them, and then backfilled it. The pipes travel 3 kms from the source (Yalla River) to the school. Before this was put in place- they would have to walk down a very steep hill to the river and I can only imagine carrying a 10-gallon bucket of water on my head uphill in this hot humid heat. These Kenyan women are strong and resilient. This project was made possible by many generous donors from Canada.  ~Lisa~

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