Rainy Thursday

Written by: 
Hailey and Lorianne


Good day, everyone!

We started off the day with delicious pancakes and then packed up to head to New Jerusalem. We took a 10 minute drive down a bumpy dirt road to the village where the preschool kid greeted us enthusiastically. There we did some Vacation Bible Study where we focused on Daniel in the lions den. Once again we had three groups where we did a puppet craft and the kids walked around saying roar for the rest. Outside, they played relay races and then we taught them the Bible story. The kids were exited to teach us Spanish songs! 

The men worked outside, helping with building the wall to expand the school. It started to pour and continued for a few hours, so we helped clean inside the school before we headed off to a different school. This school had older children, so we participated in a Days for Girls distribution and handed out menstruation kits and booklets. 

Then we came back to the school in Juan Tomas and played volleyball and freshened up before we ate a delicious meal of tacos! 

We hope to have a relaxed evening and a good night sleep for tomorrow. 


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