March 2024

Starting our adventure

Written by: 
Rose Scott


After months of preparation the big evening has arrived. Our group of 11 met at YVR, complete with a few dozen suitcases filled with everything from volleyballs, craft supplies, workbooks, staplers, balloons, and elastic band guns made with pencils and clothespins. Oops, I guess we forgot to declare the weapons…Fortunately, other than a few full body scans, our check-in process went smoothly, and we arrived at our gate with time to spare for coffee runs and showing off various models of neck pillows. Yes, those are a requirement on a 15-hour flight. At the gate, Vic led us with a quick word of prayer.
Our mission to encourage and support Strong Roots ministry on the island of Borocay, in the Philippines.
About the ministry Joven and Anita Antolin began the ministry in 2009, eventually building a resort to sustain their family and ministry. Although the island is a beautiful paradise, popular with tourists, many local people are impoverished and illiterate. Strong Roots’ emphasis is to serve the community of Yapak, employing and supporting the local people and meeting practical needs with opportunity for spiritual transformation. For more on their ministry https://www.hungryforlife.org/partners/strong-roots-ministry
About us Most of us are connected with the Antolin’s home church, Renew Fellowship in Surrey, BC. Vic Rempel of Hungry for Life and Darrin Leite are providing leadership for our group.
What we hope to do Lots of things! Stay tuned for our next entry, because once we get there the plan is to hit the ground running! Starting with chasing a lot of volleyballs. 

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