Sunday in Nairobi

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Today we joyfully jumped out of bed, had a nice breakfast at Shalom and headed out. 

We attended church at Everlyne’s church home, enjoyed some good music and some passionate African preaching. The service was a pleasant 2 1/2 hours long and we were thankful for the cool breeze.

We enjoyed a delicious lunch back at Shalom and loaded up for an afternoon of fun. We experienced the wonder and joy of a change of plans when we arrived to find that another group was already there 

complete with tent, dj, sound system and a team that led the children in singing and dancing, some were doing the girls hair in braids, some were cooking food and generally enjoying a beautiful day. 

We stayed and visited with Martha and the babies for a few hours 

then headed for home. We enjoyed a late dinner at la Cantina and then a sweet nights sleep.

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