February 2022

The warmest welcome ever...

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We travelled to See-eye-ya (Siaya) today , settled into our new accomodations at Pastor Silas'house for the next 3 nights.

We then went and visited with 6 widows . 

Then off to receive the warmest welcome we've ever received from the kids at Yogo Glory Center Academy. 

These kids know how to sing well , they have lots of energy and their dancing is so fun to watch. Helen and Lauri were more then happy to join them and proved that they had moves we never knew about. How liberating 😄
The school program is a very well thought out program with 320 students and 11 teachers and based on the scriptures . It teaches children from kindergarten to gr 8 . The administration works hard to ensure that the students learn how to study well, are responsible for their actions and give them the best chance to do well on final exams which determines the quality of their secondary education. All the Gr 8's board at the school a week before exams and the week of exams so that they remain in an environment that gives them the best opportunity to study well.

We were also able to see the farmed land surrounding the school . The crops there are an integral part of the nutritional program . Anything that's not used for the nutritional program is sold . Parents who are supported with funding have to spend 4 hours a week in the gardens to contribute back . 
Another full day , God is giving us strength and endurance to do the work that needs to be done. This work will never be completely done as there will always be another mouth to feed , another person that needs a mattress or medical help . But if we can help in just the smallest ways it can make a difference.
To God be the glory

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