February 2023

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength

Written by: 
Yolanda Bruinekool


Today we had the privilege and experience to attend the funeral of Aggrey’s granddaughter. As we walked the path towards the home where the funeral, we were welcomed by the sound of a drum and singing. There were tents set up, chairs in place and an area to view the deceased and pay respects to the family. There were about 150 people present. When we arrived and over 200 people by the time the service was complete. People attended as their schedules allowed.
An African funeral consists of family, friends and local government officials expressing their condolences publicly. There was an offering held for the family of the deceased.
Helen also expressed condolences publicly on behalf of Voice of Hope Ontario and we sang “The Lord is my shepherd” with the team. After all the speeches were completed a local lay pastor preached a sermon which was ended with prayer. There was a procession with the white lace covered casket carried by pall bearers and about 30 people singing. The procession slowly made its way to where the burial was to take place ont the family’s property. The casket was lowered not place and the grave was filled as family and guests looked on.
Family members then placed flowers on the fresh grave. After a few ore songs, the Lord’s Prayer was recited. We went home for lunch and then completed final packing and goodbyes to our cooks, housekeepers and friends in Kakamega. We were able to travel safely to Siaya with our van packed with all our van packed with all our luggage and creature comforts.
We settled into our “home” for the next 3 nights at Distinction Hotel. We then went on 3 widow visits. It was a tough day in many ways but we believe in a God who heals the broken-hearted and gives strength to the weary.

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