January 2024


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My day started with groggily opening my eyes and wiping the sweat off my brow. No ac and a concrete building made for a very warm bedroom. 
After a breakfast of toast and eggs with peanut butter we headed off at 615 for the childcare center . 
Today the guys worked a bit in the pump house and for the rest in the banana field. The pump house was cleaned up and all the irrigation supplies nicely organized on the brand new shelves.
In the field Dennis and Roy setup a shade structure for the plant nursery. This will help to start the plants and protect them from the heavy rains.
Derek, Marc, Jason and some of the local farm workers continued working on upgrading the water points and hooking up some new mainlines.
Caleb, Albert, and I worked on tying into the submain and rolling out the new drip line. The new system has a drip line on both sides of the tree and will hopefully increase the yield even more!
Rueben was busy helping with updates and organizing everything with the staff along with making sure we were still working hard!
And the girls did girl stuff.
They worked on kindergarten, grade 6 and 7 sponsorship updates. 
Then they did games, bubbles and activities with the kids.
At around twelve we stopped for a cold fanta which was very welcome after a very hot and tiring morning. After lunch we headed to the nsanje port to check it out. That didn’t last too long as there were no crocs to see and we were quite ready to get back in the bus.
Then we headed back to the center to clean up the tools and supplies.
On the way back to the lodge we stopped at the second childcare center and spent some time with the kids and taking some soil samples. Here we seen the hand pump they are using for their water and how much of a difference the solar pump makes at the chikumikire center for easy access to water. All they have to do is open a tap outside the pump house.
We arrived back at five and played a few games before a dinner of chicken and rice. 
We met in Alberts room for the daily devotion and are now heading to bed!
Marc and Jason have left after doing a great job of getting everything ready for us!
And it means dennis and I get their rooms which have ac!
Overall a great day and many more eye opening experiences.

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