Walk in the park

Written by: 
Ruth, Sharon, Vic


We all went church Sunday morning at Mary’s family church. Then it was off to Mary’s mothers place for Sunday lunch. Valentina shared her testimony, she prayed the repentance prayer three months ago while hiding in a basement while Russians were destroying her village. There is more to her testimony but it took 45 minutes without translation to cover, too lengthily to do it justice in a blog. Of course we sang a few songs.

Monday …we went for a walk through some beautiful gardens and resort located approximately 10 minutes from the Czech border……so beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard to believe that only hours away there is a war. Our house guests thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful surroundings!!

Last night (Monday)two of our house guests received word that their city has restricted access to anyone returning with children. This means that two of our guests will be separated from the rest of their family for a while. Please pray for this family as they go through this difficult time of separation, and that peace will come to the city to allow them to return to their family.

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