February 2022

Winding up in Kakamega

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Tuesday. Our last day in Kakamega. It alternately feels like we have been here forever and that we just arrived. 
We headed off early to have fun playing with 50 preschoolers at Arise and Shine early childhood development program. The kids had seen the van several times through the week and each time we drove by they were so excited, I wondered if by the time we actually came to visit they would just turn their backs and walk away. But they didn’t! They jumped and sang and smiled. We read a story, colored, enjoyed sweeties, played games and enjoyed uji together. 

While we were there we met up with Derrick and checked the wound on his foot. We met his mother and heard about how hard she works to provide for her six children. But the money she is able to earn never stretches far enough. It was a stark reminder that there are so many women and children still in need of a helping hand.

After a cold lunch and a quick quiet time we made our final home visits. What a privilege to share in their stories and support them in prayer. How wonderful to see how God has revealed himself and how sweet their faith is. 

Once we were done visiting we headed for Melaline’s to cook chapati and green grams with her and neighbor Monica. We enjoyed a nice time of fellowship and delicious food with both families.

Tonight we are packing up, sorting, cleaning and laughing (Helen) in preparation for our change of location in the morning.

Blessings all! And we’ll talk to you from Siaya (that’s See Eye A, not Sigh Ay Ah) 


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