January 2022

Worship, work and widows

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 Today was a full and productive day. We started the day at 8 am joining a local ladies Bible study. It was a very special time as sisters in Christ; worshipping God while singing praises and praying together. The leader shared a devotion on Eph 4:23-24 reminding us of the importance of renewing our minds and how we need to keep our eyes on Christ. It made us look forward to heaven, where we will worship God with people from every tribe and nation. Next, we had a great experience joining a group of women harvesting a peanut type nut. In addition to their own crops these women coop farm together. It was a hot dusty job but lots of fun. Then off to the market we went. We needed to buy some produce for our women’s day on Saturday. It was very hot but a great cultural experience. In the afternoon we went to visit 6 of our widows. It was a joy for us to see Rhoda’s special needs granddaughter Yvonne doing so well. Most of the widows were doing well but mentioned that the dry weather was having a negative impact on their crops so their yields were quite a bit lower than normal. Despite the joys and trials that come their way, they express their hope in God. Every day we end our day with a time of devotion and debriefing. This is always a highlight in our day before we head off to bed to rest up for the next day.

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