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Membrillal is located 45 minutes west of Guatemala City. Education is a primary challenge for many of its children. With the average daily wage of $5, it is hard for families to afford the cost of school uniforms, supplies and books. Even for those who can attend school, the current state of education is extremely poor.

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San Raymundo

San Raymundo is a highland community of 35,000 people located one hour northwest of the capital, Guatemala City. It is composed of a group of Mayan descendants and the Kaqchikel; both speak the same indigenous language, but many have adapted to modern Guatemalan culture and speak Spanish.

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Zapote is a community with approximately 3,500 residents, located 45 minutes from Guatemala City. The population consists of many orphans and widows and a 75% unemployment rate, making it the poorest area in Guatemala.

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The community of Chacalte is located up in the mountains of Northern Guatemala. It is approximately 25 minutes away from Tactic, the nearest “major” town.Chacalte is a very poor community made up of approximately 125 families and has only one government-run primary school and the nearest high school is in Tactic.

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Lacama II

Lacama II is a community of about 4,000 people located about 140 km (or a 2 hour and 40 minute drive) NW from the capital city of Guatemala. The main language is Quiche (one of Guatemala’s 22 indigenous languages) but many people have adapted to modern Guatemalan culture and are learning, or can speak, Spanish.

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Pantup is a fairly recent community set up by two Guatemalan brothers, Jose and Rueben, who saw a need to help those who have not recovered from the pain of the civil war. During the unrest, families fled to the mountains only to return to nothing because their land and homes were taken over with no way to prove ownership.

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