Moms on a mission

June 27, 2017
Lauri Alward
2 min
Changed lives
Moms on a mission

A year ago, Pam was soaking up the sun at an all-inclusive resort. The trip was part of a 40th birthday celebration for one of her friends. Every year, this group of moms would go on vacation with their families and the destination of choice belonged to the birthday girl. This time, Pam’s friend chose luxury and relaxation, but what Pam had in mind would look quite different. If you could have asked her about it then, she would have said, “For a while it’s been on my heart to give something back to the world.”

Pam had lofty goals, so she gathered her friends—a few ladies with hearts of gold. Pam had heard about Hungry For Life and for five years she kept their number in her phone. So, when the time was right, she grabbed the opportunity to help people who were less fortunate.

It took a year of planning and fundraising. But, everything started moving along as they came together as a team. They held one fundraiser and then two. They even trucked in doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. These moms were on a mission: door by door, business by business, they found the support of their community.

As ambitious as their preparation was, their project was even more so. Could a small team really build two houses, a stove, and feed 150 students? They had the determination, but the partners were apprehensive. They had never seen a team of women take on such a physical workload, but their opinions were quickly corrected by action. The locals were impressed by the work ethic each team member brought to the table. And before they knew it, the houses were standing.

A birthday usually comes with indulgence, but Pam and her team had turned the tables. They celebrated with sacrifice—blessing others instead of themselves. The example they set was powerful and it begs the question: “What’s on your heart?”