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Haiti Bible Mission is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti through discipling emerging leaders, local churches, and educating future leaders of this country. They enjoy seeing their staff catch fire for God and use their gifts for outreach, whether assisting the sick or teaching sports clinics with a focus on prayer and excellence. This relational, grassroots ministry is supported by both individuals and churches throughout the United States who freely provide prayers, financial support, and mission teams of all ages. Haiti Bible Mission has been involved in various community development projects in and around Jeremie to not only address the needs of the most desperate, but also to assist in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Latest update

Homes rebuilt and lives transformed

Recently 6 block homes that were destroyed by the earthquake earlier this summer were rebuilt in the community of Marfranc.  

Each family in the community was assessed after the earthquake and those most in need were assisted in rebuilding their homes utilizing disaster funds that came in to HFL.

In-Country Director Eldet Tine reports,

"The house beneficiaries are really happy, you can see that in their faces.  Thank you to HFL and its donors for supporting this community as they are very in  need."

"We are so excited for this amazing transformation!
Before we met Houston (pictured with family), he was worshipping satan & struggling with his mental health. HBM was in Marfranc where he lived rebuilding houses after the earthquake. We were told about him and that police had him chained up for the safety of the community. They prayed for him and sent him to get the help he needed at the hospital. Our leaders made sure Houston’s family was taken care of with food and checked on them daily. After 15 days, Houston was doing much better and accepted Jesus in his heart, so did his daughters! HBM leaders continues to check on this family to bring food, do devotions and pray with them! All glory to God for this story of His Faithfulness!"

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