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Agriculture and Livestock - Seje - Kenya
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In progress

Glory Centre Academy has been working towards self sustainability since its inception in 2016. The community of Seje is located in a region of western Kenya that receives little rainfall, so the plan to farm and produce maize, beans and vegetables to provide food for the school and income for operations has failed to produce consistent income.

In February of 2020 the school launched a new incentive, under the watchful eye of a trained and successful poultry operator, to raise chickens. Although the school has had poultry on the land since 2015, and staff members have learned the basics of poultry care and the benefits of having eggs and meat for the students, the involvement of the local poultry operator has taken the small project on to the next steps of growth.

Another goal is to develop a self-sustaining garden with the community providing labor on a rotational basis. Four acres near the Yala river will be leased for the location of the community garden. The garden will have an irrigation system to help produce maize, tomatoes, kale, cabbage, onions, beans and watermelons to sell in the market. The garden will also provide an opportunity to teach new farming techniques.

Selected parents and caretakers of children attending His Blessing School will be required to work one day a week for four hours. Grades 6/7/8 students will also work on the farm once a week as part of the school curriculum.

With investments from local and overseas partners, the project will continue to grow, bringing to fruition the dream of a self-sustainable school, community training, and small home hub operations to provide consistent income to the community and, in turn, develop the whole community.

During the growth stages the most pressing need is investment to bring Glory Centre Academy, and the community of Seje, into a place of profitability.

Latest update

Seeing a Profit

The piggery project continues to thrive, with pigs being moved out for market on a biweekly basis now. Small profits are being seen above the costs of feed and expansion and the team has learned a lot about what makes a mama pig happy and how to keep the piglets safe and strong. Profits are being channeled into the primary school program for supplies and food as costs continue their upward spiral and incomes continue to plummet. Currently there are about 120 pigs of various sizes in the barns. Further funds are needed to expand the barns to hold more pigs.

The chicken project is gaining ground, the flock is now made up of local broilers, a hearty flock and a faster turnaround than layers. Local markets are being established for both pork and poultry and the facility is becoming known for its healthy plump products. On a recent visit we were pulled over at the side of the road in Siaya and found ourselves negotiating with a local restauranteur for 30 birds for an occasion she was catering for.

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