About Abby Blundell

Abby helps with administrative tasks and has been on international trips to Cambodia, Malawi, Nepal, and Mozambique.

Abby Blundell

As an Office Assistant, Abby assists the organization with administrative tasks.

I am passionate about seeing people develop a relationship with Christ. No matter where they live, what they do or how much they have, I believe that the truest way to reflect the love of Christ to people is to begin by addressing their extreme physical needs.

Abby grew up around Hungry For Life as her parents have worked with the ministry since she was young. She always had a heart for helping others thrive and chose to serve with a mission in Perth, Australia out of high school. As she left Australia, she still had the desire to serve and help others. Continuing to be aware of the work that Hungry For Life is doing, she felt called to be part of this ministry.

Abby was raised around the idea of missions and service to others. She grew up in Chilliwack, BC and her first missions trip was to Kenya with HFL in 2014. In 2017 she joined an organization called Youth With a Mission (YWAM)and served in Perth Australia for three years. Her role in YWAM varied and included training and mentoring students in ministry, language research for bible translation, and facilitating local ministry initiatives in the city of Perth. She loved her time in Perth, Australia, as well as her missions trips to Cambodia, Malawi, Nepal, and Mozambique. She is currently taking part-time classes at Columbia Bible College and enjoys being creative with writing and photography. She loves being outdoors and finding a nice spot to hang up her hammock with friends.