About Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy takes care of all our IT needs and has been on trips to Haiti, Kenya and Ukraine.

Jeremy Roberts
Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts

Director of Technology & Building Manager

Jeremy oversees all the technological and software needs of HFL, as well as contributing in various ways to the communication and marketing department. He has a passion for seeing HFL embrace technology that will help both streamline their processes and engage more people in unique and creative ways.

“I feel called to live differently, to do something meaningful with my gifts that will help challenge and change the world.”

Jeremy enjoys working with a diverse team of people who each bring their own talents and gifts to help facilitate the message of HFL.

Having been involved in the Shekinah worship ministry since its beginning, Jeremy grew to understand the severity of world poverty and our responsibility to help turn things around. During his college years of studying music, Jeremy felt a nudging to step out of the professional music scene, and into that of the non-profit world. His love of music and technology were perfect giftings for working in motivational ministries on a part-time basis as HFL started up. In 2006 he began a full-time position in communications and marketing, holding various roles, including Director of Communications for 8 years. In 2020, Jeremy moved into his current position as Director of Technology, to help in HFL's next phase of growth.

Jeremy is married to Chantal and together they have two sons, Grayson (b. 2012) and Gavin (b. 2015). Jeremy loves drumming, listening to all kinds of music, and experiencing new things—be it cultures, foods, or activities. He's been influenced by a host of people, including band teachers, youth leaders, musicians and mentors.