A beautiful Sunday

Written by: 
Abby Blundell


After church we heard from some of the leaders of the Fudesa ministry about their story of where the ministry came from and the impact it has had on so many lives. 

After they told us about their ministry, they shared an encouragement that really touched all of our hearts. They said that there isn’t one person in the community whose life hasn’t been affected by violence. They thanked us all for coming to share because there is almost no education, awareness, or conversations around this very prominent issue. 

After this time together, our partner Carlos took us to the colonial zone to learn about the history of the area. It was beautiful to hear the inspiring stories of many people that stood up for justice in the history of this country. 

Tomorrow we have a very full day of visiting a few government ministry offices and starting the first half day of our leadership training. We thank you for praying for everything that we are doing here. The Lord is at work! 

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