A Day of Rest

Written by: 
Shawn and Nathan


Good day!

This morning started off with a good breakfast of burritos and fruit. We then all got ready for church and loaded up and drove to new Jerusalem. We were 20 minutes late but it didn’t matter because the minister was driving us! After arriving, we still had to wait 45 minutes before the service started.

The service was in Spanish with a translator in English. Before the message, we had the opportunity to sing three psalters/hymns, standing in front of the whole church while Amy played the piano. Then we heard the choir from the local church sing a song. People filed in while the service continued. We heard about Philippians 2 and Acts 5. It was about Paul and Timothy’s journey to Thessalonica.

After our group photo and goodbyes, we drove back for lunch before our Sunday afternoon nap. After that, we visited the botanical gardens, and after 20 minutes we had a downpour which pretty much lasted the whole afternoon. We spent most of the time waiting in a shelter for our ride to pick us up early. The trip back was quite a bit longer as we had to make about three detours due to traffic.

We arrived home and had a delicious supper of lasagna, bananas, and plantains. When we got back to our rooms, we had to kill off a few deadly insects and with that we concluded this peaceful day.

Have a great sleep tonight!

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