A tourist day in Santo Domingo

Written by: 
Joey and Lucas


Today we got to sleep in a bit since there was no school and breakfast was pushed to 8:30. It was hard for Sean today because he injured his foot last night while playing volleyball. The girls were all over him (caring for him😁😁😁). He accepted their help with open arms. After breakfast we visited the Mc Millan goat farm. Later on we painted the volleyball court lines, with which the students were very happy. After a delicious lunch provided by our lovely cooks we took a forty minute drive with great Spanish and praise music to a market in Santo Domingo. We were split up into groups and bartered with the mertiants for souvenirs. Thankfully we had locals with us because some of the blancos had no clue how to barter and would have been totally scammed. We had an amazing tour in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo with Jonathan as our guide. We stopped at a park and had pizza for dinner, with some people from Juan Tomas. The Day came to a close with DJ Ruben on the bus (who apparently was an actual DJ, or so he says).

Your Favorite Youth Joey,
and then there's Lucas

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