An Unequivocally Bussin Day!

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Today everyone woke up smiling and happy. Our new lodging is close to a beach. We left bright and early for the half hour ride to Vasca, which is a community hidden in between massive sugar cane fields. 

After the bumpiest road known to mankind, which curved through miles and miles of sugarcane as far as you could see, we arrived at the community to meet everyone. 

Soon after we split into three groups and got right to work. Group activities today included painting a house, fixing a roof, and working at the school. Us guys were doing all the heavy work again, but we are tough, so no problem. 

As the day progressed, we looked forward to another delicious Dominican meal of chicken, beans, and rice. The pastor served us a homemade sour orange juice which was unequivocally bussin! After lunch we finished the roof and poured a concrete floor. As we were finishing, people from the community brought us raw sugar cane to try which was also unequivocally bussin! Sweeter than honey!

We were done for the day and headed back to our new accomadations. We’re very close to the ocean so everyone was able to jump in and cool off. When the sun went down we enjoyed chicken quesadilla which were just unequivocally bussin! And that brings us to right now! Thanks for reading!

Joseph and Tristan

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