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The sun is already peaking through the small window as I struggle to open my eyes. Reaching for my eye drops I put in a few drops and blink. That’s better! Breakfast is in fifteen minutes so we’d better get cracking! I check on the boys and since they are already awake I urge them to get dressed and brush their teeth so they can make it downstairs on time. I rush through my morning routine but still am not quite ready when the breakfast bell begins to clang. Taking my Bible with me I make my way down the multiple stairways and narrow corridors to the cafeteria. Sliding into my seat I open my Bible and together with our hosts and the girls who live at the mission we take turns reading verses together in Spanish and English. Then we pray for the new day.
Today’s breakfast consists of oatmeal, tortillas with egg, sausages and cooked vegetables, fresh fruit and toast with peanut butter and jam. Lots of great options! They are sure spoiling us here! 
After breakfast we take some time to load the vehicles full of packages of foods and essentials. Once we are all loaded up we make the forty five minute drive to the migrant camp. This is a poor area made up of small concrete rooms, all nestled together. People from the south of Mexico travel up here in hopes to find work or better wages. They then settle in these types of camps.

When we arrive the people there are friendly but reserved. We break the ice by playing games. Then we take some time to share a Bible story in Spanish and help the children with colouring pages and painting crafts.

When it’s getting close to the time to leave we hand out the food and essential supply packages to the families there. As we near their homes, their poor living conditions become even more evident. The floors are dirt. The cooking pots are set up over tiny fires outside of their homes and although there are a lot of children of all ages, none of them seem to be attending school and there are no toys to be seen. There are various scraggly dogs full of flees and sores lying around, and an assortment of chickens scratching the dirt searching for grubs and scraps of food.

The homes have no plumbing so there is an outside laundry area, a tiny wooden shower house the size of an outhouse, and several small outhouses in various stages of disrepair. 
Once we’ve prayed with the people and said our goodbyes we make the drive back over the bumpy rural roads to the mission compound. After lunch we spend some time organizing the fruits and vegetables we had purchased the first day we arrived and counting up our points from the scavenger hunt we did as we purchased the items we needed. 
Once that is complete we have a little bit of free time during which the kids play in the small mission yard, on the teeter totter, with a ball and on the trampoline.
Before long it is dinner time.
That evening Diana shares a devotional about the use of social media and how we portray ourselves to those around us. After some discussion and activities we talk about how it can be used in a good way and in a bad way.
We then sing Christian songs together in Spanish. Although we recognized the tunes it is still a little tricky to try and sing them in Spanish as Spanish is not nearly as phonetic a language as Haitian Creole.
After the devotional time the younger kids head off to bed while the men go to the store to buy more supplies.
Jayden is then put to work making some of his specialty cheesecakes. Since they are quite labor intensive and also take a long time to bake I end up sending him to bed and waiting with our host to take them out of the oven. It is a special time of getting to know each other better while we wait.

That night before drifting off I spend time praying; asking God to bless the mission and missionaries and also the girls who live here that have suffered so much hurt and pain and sadness in their lives. God is the great healer.

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