Final Day

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Monday morning dawned bright and early. It was our final full day in Ensenada, Mexico. To celebrate our time together Randy and Sandy were planning to take us to a special hot sands beach called Agua Caliente Beach. Located between Ensenada and La Bufadora, it is a special beach where hot spring water bubbles up through the sand. During low tide you can dig down in the sand to find hot water to mix with the cool ocean water to create your very own Jacuzzi, a truly unique experience.

We spent the morning getting organized and packing sandwiches for everyone as the many of the girls at El Refugio were coming with as well. When we arrived at the beach the tide hadn’t receded quite far enough back, so we continued on to La Bufadora where water splashed up through the rocks creating a blowhole effect. Built all around it were tiny colourful tourist shops where you could buy all types of souvenirs, blankets, candy and food. After touring this area, and making a few purchases, we climbed back into the two vans and drove back to the beach. This time the tide was out far enough.

Laden with shovels, towels and our lunches we walked to the beach area and settled in. The kids got right to work digging holes to mix the hot spring water with the ocean water to reach the perfect jacuzzi temperature. It was a strange sensation experiencing the hot and cold temperatures simultaneously. The sun burned overheard and the hot springs water bubbling up from the sand was scalding enough to burn your feet, but the ocean was cold and the wind coming off the ocean was also chilly.

We spent the afternoon there together and then headed home. After getting out of our beach clothes we headed to a nearby diner for tacos. They were sure delicious! After dinner we returned to the mission and spent the evening together singing praises to God and listening to Diana share a devotional about forgiveness.

Tomorrow morning it would be time for our goodbyes. During our time here El Refugio and all the special people here have secured a place in our hearts so we hope to be able to return again one day!

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