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Sunday morning dawned bright and early and before we were yet fully awake there was a rap at the dormitory door. Apparently there had been a confusion over the time change as when we googled it last night it had said Mexico’s time change wasn’t till the beginning of April, but we now find out that since Ensenada is so close to the US border they decided to follow the North American time change!
Quick as a flash we jump out of bed and get dressed and head downstairs for breakfast. 
When we are all ready for church we load up in a few vehicles and make the 45 minute drive.
The church is quaint and cozy.  It is also bi-lingual so we are greeted in both Spanish and English. The singing is a beautiful mixture of the two languages and the sermon is translated from English into Spanish. Jason is asked to share an update on Ukraine and we take time to pray together in small groups. The younger kids get to participate in Sunday school which they really enjoy.
For lunch we have tacos. We have learned that tacos are a big staple here and that there are many, many delicious ways to dress them! 
After lunch we returned to the housing compound of the Haitian refugee camp. They are very excited to see us and speak their native tongue with us as most of them speak very little English. We give them gifts of food and essentials.

Once we return to the mission I spend time with the girls doing various crafts while Beni and Diana get to work preparing a Romanian stew. The stew, bread and salad is absolutely delicious. Diana also makes some kind of fried dough for dessert on which you can put your topping of choice. After dinner, Beni and Diana’s kids share a presentation about Romania. It is very nicely done and enjoyed by all!

As darkness settles in we gather for a devotional time and singing. Then it’s time for the kids and teens to go to bed. When they are all settled in, we spend time with Randy and Sandy listening to their stories about their life here and some of the experiences they had. Even in all the both good and bad it is clear to see how God has carried them through it all!

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