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“Mom, it’s time to wake up.” A small pajama clad figure is standing in front of me. I stretch and climb out of bed and then pull the small square cloth away from the window. It’s another beautiful sunny day!
After Bible reading and prayer we enjoy a breakfast of French toast, oatmeal and fruit.
Then Jayden and I head out next door to groom the therapy horses while the rest of our group walks with the kids to a nearby beach. 
Once the horses have been thoroughly brushed and cleaned they are saddled up and we take them out for exercise.

The dunes nearby are beautiful and full of both sand patches and vegetation with bright colourful flowers. It’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful1 Then we let them trot on the beach and in the waves.

We can’t stay out too long as we need to be back at the mission by 10:00 a.m. to help load all the supplies and food for the Women’s rehab centre that we hope to visit today. 
Once everything is loaded up we head out in two vehicles and reach the rehab centre just under an hour later. It’s a place where women can come and live with their children if they struggle with drug or alcohol addictions.

Once we arrive there we spend some time meeting the people there and then divide and conquer. Diana goes and does a bible story about the Lost sheep and craft and games for the kids there, while I do a devotional with the women about hope. Everything is translated into Spanish for us and then we spend time together colouring an adult colouring page on hope and picking out a design for each of the woman to have their own necklace with a Spanish bible verse. It is a very peaceful, enjoyable time. 
While we are busy the men go hike to a nearby mission with Randy. Once we are finished all our activities we serve the lunch we brough with, consisting of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, buns, cupcakes and the cheese cake Jayden had baked the night before. Everyone enjoys the good food and fellowship.

Just after 2:30 p.m. we say our goodbyes and head back to the mission compound. After a short little break we get right to work making tamales for the seniors centre that we hope to visit tomorrow. With 120 to make it is quite a task! The tamales consist of flattened dough wrapped in corn husks and stuffed with pulled chicken, carrots and potato sticks. The kids love participating in making these and learning about Mexican food. By the time we finish it is nearing dinner time. The kids play in the little grass yard until the supper bell rings with a clang, clang, clang. We have a Mexican soup with tortilla chips, salad and buns. We are also spoiled with an upside peach cake for dessert. All the food has been incredible so far!
After dinner, Jason sets up a virtual connect with our hosts and one of their supporting churches while the rest of us clean up. Before bed the kids get a chance to feed the therapy horses. That night I spend a little time washing all the dirt and sand and hay off of them before tucking them into bed. What an eye opener this trip has been for them! I know it has occasionally been overwhelming for them to see how different the lives of the people here are but it has definitely led to some good conversations! 
That evening when the younger boys are in bed Jason goes with the rest of the team to visit a group of Haitian refugees. Our host films their meeting and it’s so awesome to see how excited the Haitian people are to talk to someone in their native language. Especially since their Spanish is still so limited. There is a lot of laughter and excitement and then plans are made to visit with them again in the next few days. What a great day! All glory to God

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