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Just wanted to report that we’ve safely arrived in the Dominican and are getting settled in the guesthouse. It’s been a long night/day as we left Wednesday night and flew all through the night with little sleep.
When we arrived at the airport we disembarked right onto the tarmac. The air was warm and a little muggy and we instantly felt overdressed in our warm Canada clothes. We changed in the airport bathroom and soon we were able to locate all of our suitcases full of supplies.
Our partner Carlos was waiting for us with Julia and Stacey and next was a 2.5 hour long drive to the guesthouse. We stopped along the way for some pizza as everyone was getting hungry. As we ate we experienced an intense rain shower that had water dripping down through the roof onto are table! Thankfully we had already finished eating.
That evening the team spent time organizing all the supplies while Julia and Will went with Carlos and some of his staff to buy groceries. We then had a devotional and prayer time before settling in for the night. Tomorrow will be a busy day and we need to be up at 7:00. It’s all gone very wonderfully so far for which we are very thankful for. 😊

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