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Buenos dias todas! 
Ignoring the concerns of our fellow travellers, a few of us woke up before sunrise and stumbled on the broken sidewalks and roads of the littered city of Santo Domingo. All of us being girls were under the care of Joseph who fought off stray dogs and motorbiker gangs. (Just kidding) After this spine chilling journey we proceeded to wait for the sunrise, which was beautiful by the way. Facing the early morning rush hour on our way back we managed to come back in one piece. After a hearty breakfast including fresh local fruit, we made the hour trip back to New Jerusalem. 
We were heartily greeted by the children with hugs and high fives, and then the guys headed to the construction site and the girls finished the painting of brightly coloured chairs and tables. By the time we finished many people of the village showed up to help with the projects going on. In the little church room, the children gathered for games and songs including the classic spoon and egg game (which we were laughed at due to our lack of skills in balance). 
Shortly after a few team members split off off with Carlos Pimentel, HFL’s field partner,  to buy groceries to create food baskets for families in need. On their safe return, we ate a quick lunch similar to yesterday and then placed the purchased food in bags. Joined once more by the guys we split up into two groups and delivered the basket to the familes. The one roomed homes were sadly depleted with unimaginable living conditions and yet we’ve never seen happier people. However, we soon learned the many struggles these people to face every day. Many asked for us to pray for them to recieve immigration documents as they are always in fear of being deported back to the hopelessness of Haiti. 
Returning to the school several of us continued the school wall construction by pouring concrete pail by pail while others played with the children hanging around. 
Heading home we stopped in a nearby icecream shop to taste the Dominican icrecream in an attempt to cool off in the humid connditions. While some of us made a supper of spaghetti, the rest headed back to the streets to explore the unique architecture including a government palace. Seconds after the group entered our guesthouse the rain poured down. Before we bore you all, we will end this blog for today and hope to enjoy the rest of our evening outside on our balcony.

P.S. We may be being contained against our will, however there is not need to worry since there is no ransom fee.

P.P.S. Just kidding, we’re loving it here.  The kidnapping part was just to see if you read to the end ;) 
By Natalie and Chantelle
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