Beach Day

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After a week of long hard work, today we got a beach day. Everyone got to sleep in and woke up and had some fresh made crepes made by Will. 
Then hustling on with excitement and almost missing the bus. We went on our excursion. Making a small pit stop on the way by a souvenir shop and walking out with seven machetes, getting a few goofy looks from the shop owner. 
We continued our driving and being a little late the driver decided fastest way to get us there was just go in the other lane. But we made it safely to the boat and continued on! 
Jumping on the boat everyone claimed they didn’t need sunscreen for the day, so on we went with the hour boat ride to Catalina island. When we arrived there we went snorkelling, which was the best experience ever seeing all of the different fish minus drinking half of the salty ocean. 
Another amazing Dominican lunch of chicken beans and rice was served. The team had free will to do whatever we wanted. Getting hair braided, massages, and way too many sovereigns which wont be fitting in our suitcases. Beach day was over after that. We headed back to back to the boat for a nice relaxing ride, where no one could hear themselves thinking from the excessively loud Spanish music. 
Making it back to the resort after cold refreshing showers and realizing that maybe sunscreen would have been nicer. 
And that’s a wrap on our mission trip as tomorrow we fly out of Puta Cana.


Tara, with Tristan and Joseph’s help. 

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