First Day in New Jerusalem

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After a good nights rest, we woke up to a very beautiful sunrise and the smell of a delicious breakfast of sausage, egg, bread and fresh Dominican fruit catered by Maria.
We then drove an hour with ocean views followed by a very rough ride on a back dirt road to a neighboring community of New Jerusalem to work at the preschool that they had just recently opened. Once we were led into the gate, we were greeted with many hugs by the most adorable children. 

Pastor Edison introduced everyone to each other, and the girls split up into groups of 2 or 3 to help in the 3 classrooms. We engaged with the kids by doing various crafts and games with the kids, mostly which were based on the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.

After 3 hours, the children left one by one as their parents came to pick them up. The pastor then asked us to lead an English class for the teachers which involved playing, singing and playing games so they could learn the alphabet, numbers and colours.

A big rice and bean lunch was soon delivered for us which was cooked by some ladies in the community, which tasted amazing after our very warm sticky morning. For the rest of that afternoon we painted tables and benches for the school which ended up being very bright and cheery colors. 

The guys were with the pastor and his team to work on completing a home construction project that was started by a different team that had come a few weeks ago, which included finishing up some concrete and putting up tin walls.

After our drive home some of us went for a walk to see a stunning sunset on the ocean. Julia, Stacey and Will had a scrumptious taco meal ready for us when we came back to our place. We had a gezellig evening followed by a group meeting and devotional. 

Thanks for following along on our trip! :)

Julia and Anita

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