Hope for New Jerusalem 🫶🏻

Written by: 
Barb Metcalf


Because we have a mixture of Haitians and Dominicans in our group, we were able today to do double translation, in both Spanish and Creole. We noticed an increased level of engagement today with all the participants.

It’s hard to believe what this community accomplished in one day and how everyone came together, especially when the news stories at home speak of conflict between the two groups. We now have 3 groups, each working on a key issue that they identified, and a coordinator to bring the groups together.

We have 3 members from the Ministry of Health, a first visit ever for this community and the first time that we have experienced this kind of support. One of the inspectors from the ministry said, when introducing himself, “I’m here to serve you (New Jerusalem) until my last breath!” Each of the three representatives from the health ministry joined one of the focus groups, and connections were made with offers of support, including a planned immunization clinic.

Our planned home visits were cancelled due to torrential rain and unsafe road conditions; hopefully we will have time to complete them tomorrow. I will go to sleep after writing this, full of gratitude for the richness of this day.

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