On our way to Ensenada Mexico!

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Renewal Construction


The anticipation in the air is tangible as we make our way to the Vancouver Airport. For most of us it's been over two years since we've travelled anywhere. Our youngest doesn't even remember how big the airliners actually are. The kids love every part of it; the high-rises in the city, the skytrain to the airport, the indoor playground at the airport and all the restaurants and shop.

When we're finally 35,000 feet up the sun has set and the stars are visible. Every now and then we catch glimpses of twinkling city lights far, far below us. The flight to San Diego is only just over two hours, and before long the airplane wheels smack the runway and we bump our way to a waiting gate.
The airports so far have been very quiet and it doesn't take long till we are waiting outside, enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures and the pretty palm trees. 
We catch a shuttle to our hotel and since it's quite late now we all soon drift to sleep. Tomorrow will be the day we cross the border into Mexico.

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