2015 Annual Update

February 2, 2016
Dave Blundell
3 min
Poverty & injustice
2015 Annual Update

We all want to have an impact. We all want our lives to have meaning and to make a difference. That desire in all of us is the image of a giving God living through us in a world that is desperate for His love. The reason you are receiving this is because you have made a difference, you have had an impact. Thank you for giving, or going, or in some way partnering with us in our vision—to see a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice, evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering.

As you thumb through this newsletter, know that these are just samples of transformation and impact. This newsletter isn’t to just report on charitable activity (it is easy to be busy and still not have an impact). Our prayer is that after you read through, you will be left with a deep sense of awe in what God has done in the lives of people He has placed on our path. Where there is spiritual apathy, we envision spiritual vibrancy. Where there is extreme physical suffering, we envision human flourishing. We are all about moving people toward life.

64,400+ fed

since 2003

Fed = 1 person provided with food for one month

37,836+ medically treated

since 2003

Either provided with treatment or given medication

316+ building projects

since 2003

Including homes, schools, medical clinics and churches

As part of Iglesia Galilea’s ongoing ministry in Zapote, Guatemala; the Risen Life Church was able to build a family a new home. The father and daughter used to live in a dilapidated structure. Confined to a wheelchair because of a stroke, the father had to rely on his daughter for care. He spent most of his days sitting inside the dark house, looking out the window, while his daughter worked to provide for the both of them.

Their new home is better lit, more structurally sound and brings fresh hope into their lives. It also gave the local pastor, Jose Luis, the opportunity to minister to this family—explaining that the home is a gift from God.

It's the team’s prayer that the construction of this home would serve as a reminder of how Christ loves this family, and his desire for them.

“I have been challenged to live more simply and trust that it is God who defines me.”

“I just want to work hard when I get home. I want to see change in my life. I want to be stronger than before this trip.”

“I feel like I have to tell more people about the things I experienced so that their hearts will be broken and God will spur them to do something too.”

“[In the next six months] I will not worry about my bank account and just be grateful that I even have one.”

“I see a greater purpose in my Christian walk than ever before. I want to help, do, act and give.”

“Only people matter—rejoice with those who have joys and weep with those who suffer.”

26,419+ attended community events

since 2003

Summer & sports camps, VBS, carnivals and banquets

4,904+ orphans
212+ widows
2,368+ child & adult sponsorships

since 2003

Long-term or short-term care including employment, financial support, school supplies and medication

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since 2003


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