Announcement regarding HFL International & HFL USA

December 1, 2017
Dave Blundell
2 min
Announcement regarding HFL International & HFL USA

After a long period of discussion and discernment, the leadership of both organizations have come to a mutual decision to formally dissolve the partnership between HFL Int’l and HFL USA. Since the expansion of HFL into the US, the partnership was designed to be “one organization in two locations instead of two organizations with the same name.” While we share a passion to end needless suffering, as we would with most relief and development organizations, the leadership of HFL USA has moved in a different direction than the founding message and mandate of HFL. The reality is we are now two organizations with the same name. The way in which we feel we should go about the vision of a world without needless suffering has developed into differing paths.

While the personal relationships and friendships remain as strong as ever, it has become apparent that the leadership of HFL USA needs to launch out to pursue the mandate to which they feel called. The leadership of Hungry For Life International is completely supportive of the creation of this new identity in the US to facilitate the vision and passion of the leadership. We would encourage any who wish to support this new work.

As for process and timelines, we have agreed to allow the current leadership of HFL USA to re-image the 501c3 in the US with a new name, mission and vision. The date this transition will take affect is January 1st, 2018.

The current staff of HFL USA are willing to facilitate the support of Canadian staff from US donors after this date and until any permanent future plans are made to re-establish an HFL presence in the US. We will communicate future details and implications as they develop.

While both organizations are, on one hand, disappointed by this development, we are also excited that both will pursue their unique contributions to the vision of a transformed world.

The vision of Hungry For Life does include re-establishing HFL in the United States in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this announcement and its implications.