Dr. Bob

February 15, 2016
Angela Goertzen
2 min
Dr. Bob

More than twelve years ago, when Hungry For Life was an infant organization, a connection was made with a doctor from Cranbrook. Without a doubt, Dr. Bob’s compassion was greater than most. He was fixated on making a difference in Haiti, and partnered with HFL to make that happen.

At that time, he was in his early fifties, but now, in his mid-sixties, he is still going strong. Having logged eighteen trips to Haiti, thousands upon thousands of desperately poor people have received medical care from Dr. Bob and his contemporaries. In partnership with Haiti Arise Ministries, Dr. Bob's fundraising efforts total more than one million dollars. The result is a facility that employs a complete medical staff—renowned for their excellent care. Many lives have flourished, and many have been saved. When Dr. Bob observed all of these advancements, his eyes welled up with tears. What a legacy he leaves.

This story is one of perseverance and passion—of caring about something bigger than yourself. It's an account of what's possible for anyone. Truthfully, Dr. Bob is just a regular guy, except for the size of his heart. Someone got a hold of that and broke it in an incredible way.