Nothing to be ashamed of

January 23, 2017
Jason Krul
2 min
Changed lives
Nothing to be ashamed of
Nothing to be ashamed of

Jason Krul

Director of International Operations

Katie and Steven are friends. She is an 18-year-old from Prince George, while he is 12 and lives in Mirebalais. The team was painting in the blazing sun, when Steven was invited to help. At first glance, it was apparent he was blind in one eye, but Steven’s disability didn’t hold him back. Even though his community would’ve shunned him for his impairment, he had an incredible work ethic. The duo would come to share an indescribable connection.

Steven didn’t communicate with anyone at first, but, as they worked together, Katie would occasionally catch a smile. After a while, the trust between them began to build. He showed her his eye, and her response solidified their bond. She smiled and hugged the boy, reassuring him that he was loved. From that moment forward, he didn’t leave her side.

The other children tried to convince Katie that Steven wasn’t worthy of her attention. But each time they grabbed her arm, she reassured him that his eye was nothing to be ashamed of. Jesus presented a tangible opportunity for Katie to show love to Steven.

From two different countries and cultures, they were created by the same loving God. How privileged they were to have their paths cross. Their lives will never be the same.