Raising pigs

November 1, 2016
Chad Martz
2 min
Changed lives
Raising pigs

Meet Hun Hope. She lives in the rural Cambodian province of Stung Treng—right on the bank of the Mekong river—where her husband works as a fisherman. To supplement their meager income, Hun Hope began raising pigs. It was a job that required hard work and offered very little pay—due to the high cost of feed and rate of disease. In fact, she would lose two thirds of every farrow before they even went to market.

At this point, Asian Outreach Cambodia invited her to attend their agricultural training. She was eager to learn. And, due to the training provided by AOC, she increased her income to $12+ per day. This enormous improvement to their standard of living enabled her to send her children to school and it provided them with some much needed food security. Her family finally made the leap beyond simple survival farming. The training that AOC offered not only changed her life but will ripple through the generations to come.