The garden of Rose’s

January 23, 2017
Lauri Alward
2 min
Changed lives
The garden of Rose’s

Rose led the team to a little garden patch behind her house. She was using the water from a runoff system to sustain some corn planted back there. When the team told her what was going to happen next, the excitement washed over her face. So, together they started a barrel garden—in among those plants already reaching for the sun.

Since this garden would provide more food for her little ones, Rose was eager to help. She insisted on digging up the soil, mixing it with fertilizer, and helping put it in the bag. She was told that in a few weeks, with regular watering, there would be plenty of vegetables to eat. And, because of its location, the sun would warm the soil and encourage the seeds to grow. Rose was all smiles when she finally saw the barrel standing on its own.

Always the grateful lady, Rose beamed as she shared the new addition with the neighbours. Her delight, and her gratitude, was infectious. The team was full of joy as they walked away from her modest home. They knew she would continue to thank the Lord for the amazing ways He provides.