About Angela Goertzen

Angela leads the TPS department, manages relationships with groups and churches and is a coach for Fullwell Leadership.

Angela Goertzen

Angela oversees all the people movement within the organization, both in the travel of teams and staff.

“I want my life to exemplify Jesus in the way he was so courageous in living selflessly and caring for those in need. I also want to be a part of creating positive life changing opportunities. I feel like the ministry of Hungry For Life is a perfect fit because all that HFL stands for is about creating opportunities to worship God through compassion and justice, thus inspiring spiritual vibrancy and promoting human flourishing.”

Angela has been a part of Hungry For Life since inception in 2003. Since that time her role has grown and evolved but it has always been in service of connecting local groups with their international partners.  Within both departments she helps facilitate opportunities for life change. Mission Focusing is all about working with a local group, be it a church, school, business or community group,  to help develop and facilitate long term partnerships with communities around the globe where the focus is humanitarian compassion and development.  

Within Teams and Project Services, Angela works organizing and overseeing travel of staff and volunteers so they can successfully get to, from and function within their destinations. In addition to logistics, she works to create, update, and teach training materials for teams/leaders equipping them to be knowledgeable in the areas they are travelling to and how to work cross-culturally. Angela also leads the occasional team, having spent much of her time working in Haiti, in addition to a few other project sites.

Angela has led 11 teams to Haiti, 3 teams to Mexico, 1 team to Egypt, and 1 team to Zambia.

She's married and has four children — they love adventuring and enjoying the outdoors together.