About Charlene Stinson

Charlene co-founded HFL and has given leadership to many departments over the years. She is currently working as a coach and graphic designer for Fullwell Leadership.

Charlene Stinson

Charlene was instrumental in the birth of HFL in 2003 and has given leadership in many areas, including Canadian Operations, Public Engagement and Communications, and Human Resource Management.

“I have a passion for the marginalized of this world and a deep hunger to see the Church in North America experience spiritual renewal. I believe these two are connected and that paying attention to one will result in the other. I have been called by God to give my life to these two things.”

Charlene's key area of influence now is with Fullwell Leadership, the recently launched arm of HFL — a consulting and coaching service focused on helping other organizations who are doing the same work as HFL do it better, for the sake of a shared vision — to see an end to needless suffering globally.

Charlene studied music at the University of Alberta, followed by Biblical Studies at Briercrest Bible College. She is a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) with Essential Impact and is currently completing her MA in Global Leadership. After 16 years in the world of business, where she worked primarily in human resources and development, for four years she held the position of Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts at Chilliwack Alliance Church. As a gifted musician and worship leader, she led the Shekinah Band for more than a decade and continues to lead worship at conferences and events. She is also an effective and experienced retreat and conference speaker.

Charlene is married to Gerry, who is the Director of Finance & Administration at HFL. Together they find great joy in their grown children, Brittany, Colby and daughter-in-law, Megan. She loves music, art and people, and her hobbies and activities mostly surround these things.