About Dianne Hornor

Dianne Hornor

Did I miss God saying, “Put on your seatbelt, girl. You’re going on a ride called your life!”? 

What a trip it’s been! It meant living as a mother, wife, teacher and/or missionary in 3 countries and traveling to 10 more, learning that cultural differences are challenging, frustrating and perseverance-producing, and that God is showcasing his limitless creativity in people and creation!

Now I am called to do something different with the gifts I knew God gave me as early as elementary school. Instead of teaching writing skills, I get to use them, helping Hungry For Life meet the physical and spiritual needs of our global neighbors. It’s just another exciting leg of the trip, and I’m ensuring my seatbelt is fastened!

“I am called to be a follower of God, using my God-given gifts to humbly and wholeheartedly serve those he puts in my life.”

Hungry For Life partners with 87 organizations in 26 countries. Dianne produces updates on each of those organizations, ensuring that the website is current with the latest evidence of God’s work around the world.

Dianne and Dave are blessed with 3 children (and their spouses) and 5 grandchildren with whom they love to spend time. Given the option and health, Dianne prefers to be in the woods and mountains or on her bike, but she can also be quite content at home with a coffee, puzzle, book or piano. She enjoys visiting new places, exploring new ideas, and eating new foods. It’s a special honour to be able to volunteer where her daughter and son-in-law work!