About Jesse Sonnenberg

Jesse helps engage groups and churches in international compassion projects.

Jesse Sonnenberg
Jesse Sonnenberg

Jesse Sonnenberg

Mission Focusing Consultant

Jesse’s role at HFL is that of Mission Focusing Consultant. This means that he gets to meet with groups that are hoping to partner with HFL, plan mission opportunities, coordinate with the greater HFL team both in Chilliwack and internationally, and participate in serving on short-term trips with various groups while building long-term relationships.

I love the alignment that I see at HFL between the mission of providing for physical and spiritual hunger, and the calling to discipleship and empowerment that I have found in my own life. I love that I can strive to eradicate needless suffering, while fostering meaningful and long-term relationships.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Practical Theology at Columbia Bible College, Jesse felt God leading him to HFL as the next step for his life. The focus of striving to eradicate needless suffering is the core mission of HFL, and Jesse holds high value for pursuing this mission. In his time at CBC, he saw the significance of serving those in need and seeking to empower whenever possible. As Jesse considered where God was leading him after his graduation, he discovered that God had been preparing him for the excellent opportunity of applying the years of growth and learning in discipleship from CBC to the mission and drive of HFL.

Jesse currently lives in Abbotsford, BC and loves the variety of outdoor activities that are so close at hand in the Fraser Valley, from rock climbing to paddling. When he’s not exploring creation, he’s likely spending time with friends, one-wheeling, or reading something that sparks his imagination.