About Vic Rempel

Vic helps engage groups and churches in international compassion projects and has travelled to Ukraine 5 times on different mission trips.

Vic Rempel

Vic joined the team at HFL in December 2020 as a Mission Focusing Consultant (MFC) but has been involved with HFL since 2009 participating with multiple teams in Ukraine.

"As a result of seeing Christ change the lives of many in Ukraine, I wanted to get more involved, therefore joining HFL in the capacity as a MFC."

Vic has been happily married to Sharon for 37 years, they have no kids.... no cats, no dogs…. and nothing that flies, swims or slithers either.

Sharon and Vic attend and are involved in the River of Life Church in Greendale.

Prior to joining HFL, Vic spent 38 years with Sears Canada Inc as a General Manager. You can also find Vic working part time at Cheam Mountain Golf Course in Chilliwack.