Final day in Mpigi

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Here are some highlights from our last day in the lovely community of Mpigi:

-First thing this morning we went to Heritage Primary School for training in grades 4, 5&6. Mostly talking about stranger safety and being a good friend. We gave them booklets, talked about what it means to be a good friend, self-esteem and being strong!

-After the primary sessions, we talked to some of the teachers which included a copy of the booklet that the children received.

-In Uganda, most schools are private, which means each student needs to pay. The cost of schooling is as follows:
For a 3 month term, grades 1,2&3 is 250,000 shillings, which is roughly $60 American.
Grades 4,5&6 is 260,000 shillings which is roughly $70 American.
And Senior grades is 450,000 shillings which is roughly $120.
At times you may see a student walking home in their uniform when school is in session, this means their parents haven’t paid their school fees for the next term.

-After lunch we did a care and compassion visit. We met with a family that included a grandma and seven grandchildren living together. The lived in a very rough looking house with little space for all of them to sleep, in the heart of the jungle. Peace Portal Church provided them with a mattress, bedding, food, rice, beans, sugar and maize flour. The EVE team prepared a bag of comfort items.

-To end our day, in the evening we did a women’s talk with the resident girls here at 10 acres. We provided them with cloth menstrual pads, new underwear, soap, a wash bag and extra liners.
They blessed us after with singing and was the perfect way to wrap up our time here.

All in all it was a busy day that was filled with rich emotions.
On to Sesse Island in the morning.

-Deb Verbeek