Reflections from EVE: travel weary and inspired

Written by: 
Angela Goertzen


We have arrived and most of the team is currently settling into our bunk; all eight ladies are sharing a room. Let’s just say the bathroom space space may become an issue.😉

We have met a lot of people on our journey today! Our flight landed in the late morning and after some delay in leaving the airport, we were able to have some lunch on the road and then visit a village of Haitian workers in a sugar cane plantation. We heard about hardship and struggle and the desire for a better future, and also about the providence of God experienced by Pastor David and Ana. It was truly inspiring. We walked about the village greeting people, while Martha (a Dominican doctor assisting our team) assessed the health concerns of people. We prayed with a man struggling from a stroke. It was a rich and difficult time and left this writer a lot to ponder about justice.

Then we were on our way to Juan Thomas, where we were warmly greeted by the ministry leaders at Fudesa ministry, a Christian school and church here in the village. The team enjoyed a wonderful dinner of burritos and fresh salsa, and debriefed our day. We all feel so thankful to be here, and inspired by all the people we have met. We feel incredibly welcome.

Greetings and goodnight.

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