About Kelly Edgeley

Kelly is our graphic designer and has led many trips over the years, mainly to Guatemala and Peru.

Kelly Edgeley

Kelly is quickly learning the ropes in the Communications department. Always having an eye for the visual aspects in life has placed her in a graphic design role at Hungry For Life.

“What I thought was just a hobby or past-time is now what I get to do for work at HFL. Traveling, photography, video editing—all things visual that I didn't think I could do for a job—I now get to do on a daily basis. Using the talents and skills that God gave me to serve Him is all I can ever hope to do.”

Since Kelly's first experience with overseas missions at 14, she has been hooked on traveling, meeting local people and serving in different ways. As a short-term team leader for HFL, Kelly is able to use her gifts to orient people to their surroundings in a new culture and to aid in their experience overseas. Kelly loves the opportunity to be involved in a first-time traveler's experience alongside them.

As well as leading teams, Kelly works in the Communications department playing around with pictures, videos, story cards and design programs.