About Mary Martz

Mary manages our projects in Ukraine and has led 33 trips, primarily to Ukraine and once to Kenya.

Mary Martz

Mary Martz was born in a big family in western part of Ukraine. Her Mom and Dad were a great example of always helping others in need. Though they didn’t have much themselves, they always gave from the little they had.

“Being a recipient (the one who was in need) at one point, I know how much the food hamper, a box of clothes, and hygiene hamper means. Being on this side of the spectrum now, I can assure you it is way better to give than to receive. And what a privilege to be able to do just that.”

When Mary moved to Canada after marrying a Canadian dude, Chad Martz, she saw the great opportunities here to help others. She started to pray and ask God how she can help people back home, especially widows and orphans. The Lord opened a way though HFL.

For 8 or so years she volunteered with HFL by translating reports and letters from Ukraine, helping to lead teams, and doing fundraisers for widows and orphans in Ukraine. In 2014 she had an opportunity to come and officially work at HFL. Mary is a project manager for Ukraine and continues to do what she loves best — helping others.